Sunday, January 21, 2007


So, the Patriots lost. Good for them. Good for their white trash coach, good for that fag Brady. Peyton Manning and the Colts dominated the lame Patriots the entire second half. Here's what happened...

A comeback, a drive, a legacy. And yes -- finally -- Peyton Manning gets his Super Bowl trip, too.

Football's most prolific quarterback put on a show for the ages, rallying the Indianapolis Colts from 18 points down and driving them 80 yards for the winning score in a wildly entertaining 38-34 victory over the New England Patriots.

In his nine years in the league, Manning has never played in a game like this AFC championship contest. He threw for 349 yards and one touchdown and brought his team back from a 21-3 deficit.

Joseph Addai capped Manning's late drive with the winning score, a 3-yard run with one minute left to help the Colts (15-4) complete the rally and send coach Tony Dungy to his first Super Bowl -- and a very special one.

Dungy and the Colts will face the Chicago Bears and his good friend Lovie Smith in Miami in two weeks. Together they are the first black coaches to make the Super Bowl in its 41 years.

After Indy's last touchdown, Manning was on the sideline, his head down -- he couldn't bear to watch. New England's Tom Brady -- he of the three Super Bowl rings -- threw an interception to Marlin Jackson and the RCA Dome crowd went wild. One kneel down later and Manning ripped off his helmet to celebrate.

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Monday, January 01, 2007


So, the Patriots made the playoffs. Too bad they gotta play the Jets at home. The last two times these teams played the home team has lost. So don't come cryin' to me when the lose. But, if they do win, they have to play a real team in the second round, a team they can't hang with. Just like the Gators tryin' to play with Ohio State, ain't gonna happen. Chargers win the Super Bowl.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Your Patriots got owned today by the Miami Dolphins, 21-0. Brady didn't even get 100 yards passing. Patriots fail at life. Here's how it went... The New England Patriots' best play was an illegal forward pass. It was that kind of day for Tom Brady and his offense.
Miami sacked Brady four times, forced him to fumble twice, held him to 78 yards passing and blanked the Patriots 21-0 Sunday.
The last Miami team to shut out New England was the perfect-season Dolphins of 1972.
The Patriots (9-4) still lead the AFC East, but the loss snapped their three-game winning and hurt their chances of earning a first-round bye in the playoffs. They lost on the road for the first time in six games this season.
Miami (6-7), virtually eliminated from the playoff race a week ago, won for the fifth time in six games.
The Patriots totaled a season-low 189 yards and lost three fumbles, giving them 11 turnovers in the past three games.
New England played without leading rusher Laurence Maroney, inactive because of a back injury, and lost top receiver Benjamin Watson in the third quarter with a leg injury.
But Brady often struggles against the Dolphins. He fell to 7-5 against them, compared with 70-20 against the rest of the NFL.
Trailing 13-0, New England tried a trick play early in the fourth quarter but wound up passing twice and getting penalized. Brady handed off to Kevin Faulk, who threw back across the field to Brady, who threw long to Daniel Graham for a 33-yard score. But Faulk's throw was a forward pass rather than a lateral, and after a lengthy discussion, officials negated the play and called a penalty.
Brady lost a fumble on a safety blitz three plays later, and Miami drove 61 yards for the clinching touchdown.
Sammy Morris rushed for a career-high 123 yards and a score for the Dolphins. Marty Booker caught a 32-yard touchdown pass from Joey Harrington.
Poor field position hurt the Patriots, who started their first eight possessions at the 30 or worse. Three punts by Miami's Donnie Jones were downed inside the 5-yard line.
Meanwhile, the Dolphins started three drives in New England territory, and those possessions produced 10 points.
By the second quarter, Brady's frustration was evident. When the Patriots were stopped for the fifth possession in a row in the opening half, he screamed at teammates as he trotted off the field, and again once after he reached the bench.
Jason Taylor kept the Patriots guessing by lining up at different spots, and he frequently harried Brady. Once when Brady approached the line he pointed at Taylor, who nonetheless rushed through an opening untouched - forcing an errant throw.
The game's first touchdown came in the third quarter after Miami converted a fourth-and-1 at the New England 34. On the next play, Harrington rolled right and threw on the run to Booker in the end zone for a 32-yard score, putting Miami ahead 13-0.
New England's Daniel Graham lost a fumble following a reception in the first quarter. The Dolphins scored on their next possession, with two Patriots penalties setting up a 35-yard field goal by Olindo Mare.
The Dolphins scored again by moving 62 yards in the final 1:53 of the first half. The drive was helped by a roughing-the-pass penalty on Vince Wilfork that the Patriots disputed, and Mare kicked a 33-yarder as the half ended for a 6-0 lead.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm never wrong. 

The Cincinnati Bengals have let the entire counrty down. They were supposed to beat the once "mighty" Patriots, but they failed. Thanks to a weak rushing defence, Corey Dillon's do-boy Laurence Maroney ran for 125 yards. But that's ok. Later down the road the Patriots will look back at this game and wonder what happened. Why? Cause right now they are on top of the world, they beat the best offense in football. They'll look back and wonder why everything went down hill from there. Just like at every sucessful point for then in the past few years, they got lucky. Also, the mediocrity they have at WR will catch up to the Patriots. Doug Gabriel? Second WR at best. Reche Caldwell and Chad Jackson? Two more busts at WR from the University of Florida. The Patriots play their division foe Miami next, let's see if they can beat a bad team by more than they beat one of the best in the NFL.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Teh ghey. 

The Patriots beat the Bills by two points.
Just a safety.
The Bills are one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Patriots barely beat 'em. They play the Jets next and the Jets will win. Sports Illustrated says that the Dolphins will win the division, and the Patriots will be second. I believe that will be true. And, is it a coincidence that Tedy Bruschi sprained his wrist on Tom Brady's birthday? I think not. Bruschi got too happy givin ol' Tom his birthday gift.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

You Suck. Again. 

I just wanted to remind all you faggot Patriots fans, you suck. Your team sucks, you suck and your Mom sucks. Yeah the Jets and Bills are lame but the Dolphins WILL win the Division over the Patriots, who are on the decline.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Waste Of Talent 

This weekend, during the NFL Draft, the New England Patriots picked Laurence Maroney and Chad Jackson, among others. Both players listed above are great players. The only problem is that they went to a terrible team. They could have had great careers but won't now. The Patriots have wasted the talent of two potential Pro Bowl* players. Oh yeah, Garrett Mills was a Tight End in college and has no prevoius Fullback experence other that the blocking he did as a TE. The Cardinals might win more games this year than the Partiots, I know the Bengals will again.

*According to The Sporting News 2006 Draft Guide.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

You Suck 

Got nothin really to say, Patriots still suck. They're losing the free agency game, and they think they're gonna make up for it in the draft. They might, but it'll take a while for rookies to develop. Plus the dolphins got Daunte Culpepper, they're clearly the winners of the AFC East this year. Patriots probably won't have a winning season. Bills won't, Jets suck, so who does that leave? Miami.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Back For More 

Yes! The Patriots released Willie McGinest. How stupid can they be? Now their failure is guaranteed. If you've seen this site from answers.yahoo.com it is the #1 anti-Patriots ever. While you know I hate the partiots, let me tell you what else I hate.
1) These kids who wear hats and have all their hair stickin out from under it.
2) The bands staind, puddle of mudd, shinedown, and all other bands that sound or look like them.
3) People who don't have jobs.
4) Patriots fans and the entire "New England" area.
5) Baseball.
6) Tim's stupid comment.
7) Wendy's.
8) Emo people.
9) Many other things to be named later.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Still Hate The Patriots 

What? Thought I was gone? Nope, still here. Still hating them gay Patriots and all their fans. Ya boy Tom Brady had hernia surgery a while back, one of many times he has paid another man to go inside him. He had to miss the Pro Bowl this year because of it, thats $20,000 lesss he'll have to spend on his man on Valentine's Day. I bet his favorite new movie is that one about them faggot cowboys. Yeah, and the Steelers won the Super Bowl this year, Patriots everywhere were crying. They didn't get to see their lame excuse for a hero win another Super Bowl by just a field goal. I'm very happy I am not a Patriots fan, the world is good.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

A new one 

For the second time in two years Tom Brady and the Patriots will be watching the Super Bowl from their homes. Ben Roethlisberger will lead the Steelers against the Seahawks next Sunday in Detroit, home of Jerome Bettis. http://carsonpalmer.typepad.com Go to this site, it's awesome. Better than anything the Patriots could ever think of.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

System Failure 

The Patriots are 10-0 in the playoffs.
They are hitting their peak right now.
The Patriots will win a 3rd Super Bowl.
The Patriots can't be beat.
Wait. What happened? They lost. Yes, it is true, the Patriots lost today to the Denver Broncos by a score of 27-13. So, please all you Patriots fans, don't cry. Even though I was right all this time and you were all wrong is no reason to get upset. In the Patriots 10 game playoff winning streak they had a total of 6 turnovers, tonight they had 5. This proves my point that boys can't play with men. But all I know is that their so-called "dynasty" is over. So now Tedy Bruschi can go get himself a haircut because that one he has now is terrible, it looks like a dead skunk. I hope he sees this, I want to let him know that I hate him, and Tom Brady too. And yes, the system that they used to win all those games and look like pros has failed.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Patriots Really Do Suck 

If you haven't already seen the score, the New England Patriots lost today to the Miami Dolphins, 28-26. This loss sets the tone for the playoffs next week. The Patriots will play the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round. Byron Leftwich will be back at QB for the Jaguars and will be ready to play some football after missing 6 games. The Jaguars are a far superior team and should easily defeat Tedy Bruschi and the rest of the down-hearted Pats. If you are still a Patriots fan after this season, when they don't win another Super Bowl, I, along with all your friends will laugh at you for being stupid. If you hate me, call 508-543-8200.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Dictionary for Christmas! 

Ok, kid, I hope you are a girl because saying that you want Tom Brady's hot ass and being a boy would be gay, and I hate queers. Please send me a picture of yourself crying after the Patriots make their early exit from the playoffs. Better yet, send me one on Monday, after the Dolphins win on Sunday. Your Mom shoulda bought you a dictionary for Christmas cause you sure can't spell. Faggiet? No, it's spelled f-a-g-g-o-t. You've spelled faggot like four different ways, I hope you're trying to sound stupid because if you are really that stupid you have no future. Always remember that the Patriots suck, I am not your friend and stupidity gets you nowhere in life.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

More Facts For Your Eyes 

Want proof that that the Patriots franchise employs gay players? Turn your new Sports Illustruated to page 68. Christian Fauria says about Tom Brady "I love that guy, I wish he didn't have a girlfriend." The only reason he has that "girlfreind" is because he is "famous", he can't be seen with his man in public. I just wanna know how much she's gettin paid to hang around, holdin his girly hand. If the Patriots somehow slide be Cincinnati, or whoever they will play, in the 1st round of the playoffs, they will be crushed again by the mighty Colts. Sure the Colts lost to the Chargers, they figured out how to stop 'em, but now the Colts will step up their game and continue snowballing to the Super Bowl.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Of the year? 

Sports Illustrated has always been a fairly decent magazine, but on the cover of this weeks issue it bares the ugly mug of Tom Brady. Why, you ask? It claims that he is the sportsman of the year. The only thing he has done all year is win the Super Bowl back in January. Sure, winning a Super Bowl is a respectable feat, but that is the only thing he's done. Yes he leads the NFL in passing yards, ony because they have no running game. Corey Dillon has been injured and everybody knows Kevin Faulk sucks. I'm sure there are plenty of other better candidates in other sports that have had better years but I do not watch other sports. If you are or know Tom Brady tell him he sucks and he deserves a boot to the chin. Sports Illustrated lost a subscription when they put that queer on the cover.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

lil' bastards 

Did anybody read patsfan365247's comment? He or she has got to be a ten year old kid. No grown person misspells words like that, most with an extra "e". Steve Belichick was a great what? The only thing he did was coach at Navy way back in the 60's, back when they actually had some talent. The only thing Bruschi is going to kill is himself by continuing to play football after having his stroke. I'm going to laugh when his wife (who looks like a man, really) finds him dead on the floor after another loss. I do agree that the Patriots will win another Super Bowl, just not within the next 10 years. They have no chance of winning it this season. If they go to the playoffs this year they will loose in the 1st or 2nd round to the far more talented Bengals, Broncos, Colts, Jaguars or Steelers. The Kansas City Chiefs aren't as good as any of those teams but still handed the crumbling Patriots they're 5th loss, more than twice their total last season. KC beat New England 26-16 Sunday, Brady threw a career high 4 interceptions and only 1 touchdown. My mom could have done a better job. I hate the Patriots, just like I hate kids, so if you at home are reading this and have kids who think they like the Patriots, show them this site and let them realize that they are pulling for the wrong team, just make sure they don't waste my time and theirs by letting them write some stupid ass comment. And whats a faggie?

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Friday, November 25, 2005

More good news 

Saturday night little Billy Belichick cried. He cried because his hero died. He cried on Thanksgiving, too. After 86 long years Steve Belichick finally died. Now the Patriots can do what they do best, hold hands and cry together. Lil' Bill also cried because his weak defense is ranked 31st in the league. They've been outscored in the 2nd quarter 92-26 this season. You might argue that they still barely win games, but arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, wether you win or lose, you're still retarded.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Bandwagon 

When sports teams are successful usually that team will have people from all over the country abandon their once favorite team to cheer the better team. I'm sure the Colts have many people like this now that they are 9-0. Riding the bandwagon just because a team is good is not uncommon, but it's stupid to live on the other side of the country of that team. Say that you live somewhere in the pacific time zone and go for the Patriots- who are in the eastern time zone- just because they won a couple of Super Bowls. Your friends, if you have any, may go for the Seahawks, 49ers, Raiders or Chargers who are all west coast teams, and you go for the lowly Patriots. All your friends know that you are just riding the small nuts of the 6'4" tower of mediocracy known as Tom Brady. The real team in the AFC East this year is the Buffalo Bills. Willis McGahee is the man. I bet Corey Dillon wants to go back to the Bengals by now. One more thing, stay in school, get a good education, and learn to spell, it will help you later in life. If an education doesn't get you a good job, it might help you spell "RONNIE" or "FAGGOT" correctly.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The Patriots keep the bad season looking worse by almost losing to the Dolphins. They were outplayed all game and just lucked up that the Dolphins dropped all them passes. The once "great" Patriots were passed all over by Gus Frerotte. Who is he? Only an incomplete pass or a fumble was the reason they slid by with yet another weak win. Patriotism sucks. If I was ever asked by anyone if i was a patriot I would proudly say no. Bengals 7-2, Patriots 5-4. Bengals are gonna win more.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Your Parents Should've Raised You Better

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 07:31:24 -0800 (PST)
From: "Pats Fan"
To: bradyisafudgepacker@yahoo.com


This is an e-mail I recieved this morning. I enjoy your comments about my site, but when you send comments please be sure that there are no errors in your spelling. "Your jealous" should be "you're jealous", and what is a foggat? Did you mean Foghat? Foghat was a good band back in the day. The only reason people respect Tedy Bruschi is because they feel sorry for him having a stroke. This site is fuelled by hate not by jealousy, so don't think that I sit around all day wishing that my team was as good as the Patriots were. This guy is obviously still mad at the 40-21 ass-whooping the Colts handed the Patriots Monday night. So, patsfan247365@yahoo.com, whoever you are, calling me a "faggot" or a "homo" won't turn around the Patriots poor, injury riddled season.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Tedy Bruschi
Patriots after the loss.

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Monday, November 07, 2005


During the Patriots last game v. Buffalo why was that stupid "Hero" song being played. A man who recently had a stroke shouldn't be anyone's hero. If Tedy Bruschi is your hero you need to kill yourself now because life is pretty much done. What kind of grown man has Tedy for a name? That name would be a good nickname for a little kid, but not for a grown man playing a real sport. It would be ok for a baseball player because that isn't a real sport. If you think Tom Brady can compare to Joe Montana you are very wrong. Joe Montana is a better QB than Brady ever could be.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Read This 

If you gots one of them fancy tv things, on Monday night watch the Colts defeat the downspirling Pats. It will be a great game. It's like I told my homie before the season started the Bengals will win more games this year than the Patriots. The Dolphins are better this season than the Patriots, just look at the games they played against the Panthers, they beat the Patriots then they were dismantled by the 'Fins a week later. You can't deny the truth of this.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005



I Ain't Queer, I'm Gay


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